The Ring Foundation is our children’s boxing charity, incorporated and managed by the Ring Boxing Club. Our aim being to offer children a small taste of the sport in a safe and inspiring environment, completely free of charge to schools and youth groups.

In the theatrical setting of the Ring Boxing Club we’ll set the tone by explaining the history of the club, and the sport, before demonstrating how boxing is amazing for personal development and how rewarding a little discipline, effort and commitment can be. What better metaphor for applying yourself to anything in life?

We’ll then give a tour of the gym and explain the equipment before engaging the group physically with some basic work on the punch bags and boxing-pads. At no point will there be any physical contact between the children and close supervision will be provided by our fully qualified and hugely experienced training staff.

Each introduction will take approximately 2 hours and will be structured and supervised throughout. We have a maximum size of 24 children per group in any single session, which we’ll break-down to smaller groups of four or five students when demonstrating the equipment and basics principles of the sport.

In a world which seems to shun hard work in favour of instant gratification we feel this is a rare opportunity to highlight how sport can provide a framework to teach the importance of personal responsibility. In challenging urban environments, some may feel joining a gang offers respect, but boxing earns it with skill, discipline and raising the bar of self-expectation. There’s no goal-keeper to blame or striker to hide behind, It’s all down to you.
It’s also enormous fun and an unequalled form of physical exercise which will ultimately give your group a chance to explore and learn about the sport in a safe and inspiring environment.

Questions and Answers

Just drop us an email, or use the form on this page. We will get back in touch with you quickly.

We can discuss the exact needs of your group and arrange your visit.

No. It’s non-contact. Safety is paramount and it’s 100% safe.

Nothing to start with, we offer these introductions for nothing. Unless you’d like to donate of course!

All fully risk assessed, insured, and staff are fully qualified and CRB checked.

Central London, two minutes from Southwark Tube station and a short walk from Waterloo or London Bridge stations.

Up to 20–24 per session, broken-down into groups of 4 or 5.

A great educational experience which they will remember forever.

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